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About Us

Art Explorers Academy is dedicated to elevating the creative education of children and adults. We offer after school and weekend classes and workshops for all age groups, taught by a professional working artist with years of experience in art and design. Through our specially designed curriculum, we take our students into the wild unknowns of their own imagination and teach them the skills to navigate their creativity.

By teaching both traditional and experimental techniques, we offer students a way to progress in their skills while staying inspired and challenged. Our programming offers a diverse and fresh range of projects each month.


We are located in the beautiful region of Quinte West, in the downtown core at 54 Market Square, Trenton, ON.

We offer ongoing group lessons for children and teens throughout the school year as well as workshops and lessons designed for adults. 

To see a schedule and for more details, visit our "Programs" page.

Our passionate and skilled instructors help our students grow their artistic wings. Are you ready to soar and explore? Register today!




 We believe in empowering our students through the cultivation of their creativity. We believe a creative and positive mindset is the best way to confront life's challenges.

Through a regular habit of engaging in the artistic process, we strengthen our capacity to recognize, connect with and express the unique voice of our natural inner selves. We build self awareness and become more observant of the world. We become more aware of opportunities and more skilled in seizing them.

In time, the habit of creativity has the power not only to transform the artist's materials into a finished artwork, but also the power to transform the artist into a work of art.


Art Explorers Academy was Founded by professional working artist and mother of two, Michelle Doran. A prolific and cross-disciplinary creative, Michelle has worked as a freelance illustrator and print designer for many years as well as maintaining a fine art practice. She graduated from OCAD in 2013 with a BFA, majoring in Drawing and Painting and minoring in English.

Naturally exploratory, she has developed skills in multiple mediums and genres of art making. Her affinity for children and passion for education make her a natural arts educator. Fueled by a genuine desire to serve her community through her creativity, she opened Art Explorers Academy as a way of building bridges between creatives of all ages.

For more information or to view her work, visit:

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